Touting one’s company as being “honest” may be a time-honored strategy to attract customers. In light of the corporate scandals that have surfaced of late, however, such a tactic may be more topical than ever.

Korey Kay & Partners’ new print ad promoting its services brings such issues to mind. The ad, which broke in the August issue of Chief Executive magazine, features bold, black copy on a yellow background.

“Honest ad agency looking for a few honest clients,” proclaims the copy. The ad then provides the name of the New York agency, as well as that of its chairman and CEO, Allen Kay. Kay’s direct line at the shop and its Web site,, are also cited.

Neil Leinwohl, executive creative director at the agency, noted that while the ad is a tongue-in-cheek effort that aims to “[take] advantage of a current situation,” the theme of honesty it conveys remains prescient.

“There is nothing more honest to me than an ad,” he said.