Best Art Direction

Title Bowe Motion
Agency FCB/LKP, New York
Group creative director Sam Gulisano
Senior creative director Phil Guthrie
If Riddick Bowe had looked as sharp against Evander Holyfield as he does in this well-crafted spot for Fila cross-training athletic shoes, he might still be the heavyweight champion. The 30-second ad portrays Bowe in a variety of modes, including James Cagney impersonator, model train enthusiast and Robin Hood wannabe. Each image plays off the hand-scrawled messages – ‘right cross,’ ‘cross word,’ ‘cross Bowe’ – that flash onto the screen. (Bowe gives an emphatic ‘un-uh’ after the phrase ‘cross dressing’ pops up.) The rapid-fire delivery and clever sight gags hold the viewer’s attention, while the gritty style places Fila firmly in the Nike-Reebok sports shoe competition. The only problem, of course, is that Bowe’s dethroning probably sounds the final bell for the spot’s media life. Well, maybe Holyfield is looking for a shoe contract . . .
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)