Bernstein-Rein Urges Thrifty Customers to ‘Book Smart’

CHICAGO Bernstein-Rein uses obnoxious travel behavior as a humorous entry point to tout Thrifty Car Rental in a new advertising campaign breaking this weekend.

Television spots from the Kansas City, Mo., independent agency revolve around the tagline, “Book smart.” In one ad, a sports fan attempts to stuff a cooler into an airplane’s overhead bin, but ends up dumping ice on the passengers underneath. “This is not what smart travelers do,” says a voiceover as the spot cuts to Thrify’s Web site. “But this is.”

Other spots show an obnoxious guitar player, who keeps a business traveler from sleeping; a family overloading a car to the point of blowing out the tires, and a woman who inadvertently hits other passengers with an oversized backpack while walking down an airplane aisle.

The spots break on Saturday, Sept. 4, during ABC’s college football broadcast. The spots will also air on the Weather Channel and during A&E’s reality program Airline. The campaign also includes print and online components.

Spending for the effort was not disclosed. The Tulsa, Okla., company spent nearly $8 million on advertising in 2003, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.