Bermuda Continues Review Without Arnold

NEW YORK Arnold here has parted ways with the Bermuda Department of Tourism, the agency said, citing workload brought on by the $90 million Hershey’s account.

The tourism office had launched its mandatory review last month, just before Hershey’s announced it would split its account between the Havas agency and independent North Castle Group in Stamford, Conn. Arnold declined to defend the $10 million business, an agency representative said.

Sources said the client is spearheading the review from its New York office without a consultant and is poised for a cut to semifinalists.

Arnold’s last work for Bermuda broke in January and aimed to portray the temperate island as a destination for golfers and spa goers. Images USA in Atlanta also launched a campaign this winter targeting affluent African Americans. It could not be determined if that account is also in review.

Repeated calls to the client went unreturned. Images USA could not be reached.