Berger Kings: A Family Affair

Ammirati Puris Lintas didn’t have to bring copywriter Matthew Berger up to speed on his most recent assignment–adding a verse to Burger King’s famed jingle “Have It Your Way.”
The staffer grew up with the tune–his father, Dennis Berger, created it in the 1970s, when the fast-food giant’s ad account was at BBDO in New York. The elder Berger is now an executive creative director at that shop.
Matthew Berger said he remembers singing the song as a child, but had to call dad to get the original lyrics. Did the older Berger try to add his two cents? No.
“He trusted me,” said Matthew, although his dad griped, “That song’s never going to go away!”
The campaign tries to lure a new generation of customers while wooing Baby Boomers who remember the original ads.
The spot (shown here) touts the new onion ring option for value meals with the verse: “Value meals with rings or fries/Still cost the same with one great price/You don’t have to ask us twice to have it your way.” –Sloane Lucas