BE&P Opens Outpost

Barkley Evergreen & Partners Inc. has opened an Atlanta office, staffed primarily by employees of design shop Fountainhead.

Opening the agency, called 8th & Means, a combination of the streets BE&P and the former Fountainhead are on, is an attempt to create a diversified, multi-brand network, said Tom Millweard, chief operating officer of the Kansas City, Mo.-based BE&P Inc.

“One of our strategies is to expand our reach geographically,” Millweard said. “We’re also looking to round out our marketing services portfolio.”

BE&P Inc. is the parent company of ad agency Barkley Evergreen & Partners, as well as media, interactive, sports marketing and promotional units. Expanding into a multi-agency platform is expected to give the shop a more diversified revenue stream, said Millweard. The agency is looking to expand into other regions and capabilities, he said.

“We’re no different than any other holding company,” he said. “We want to continue our growth.”

Executives from the two agencies were introduced through a mutual friend, said David Coston, president and creative director at Fountainhead. Coston will fill the same role at 8th & Means.

Though the two offices will operate independently, BE&P will lend its ex-pertise in areas suchas media, interactive and promotions, Coston said. That approach has become necessary as the slow economy has led to increased competition for even small pieces of business, he said.

“This is a mature, competitive market and all the big shots are bottom feeding,” said Coston. “I find myself pitching against agencies with in-house media.”