BellSouth Double-Times It

WestWayne and Long Haymes Carr Play Up Mobile Minutes
ATLANTA–WestWayne and Long Haymes Carr introduce advertising for BellSouth Mobility this week, with the former taking a new tack and the latter continuing its popular Ralph the dog executions.
The $40 million campaign from WestWayne seeks to bring a tangible element to a nontangible product: wireless airtime. Three absurdist television spots show BellSouth retailers accepting deliveries of boxes of minutes, which arrive by truck.
One ad, “Minute Delivery,” features a retailer grilling a deliveryman about the minutes’ quality, the way a grocery store owner might question a fruit wholesaler.
“Are these fresh minutes?” he asks suspiciously.
“Just packed this morning,” the driver replies. “They’ll work day, night, weekend, vernal equinox . . . these are quality minutes.”
All the ads also note the valuable promotional offers that are “in stock,” emphasizing the commodity buying experience.
Luke Sullivan, the Atlanta agency’s chief creative officer, said the ads present BellSouth Mobility stores as a sales destination as well as a wireless service provider.
“The campaign delivers a clear brand identity for BellSouth Mobility,” Sullivan said. “We’re taking something that you can’t see or touch and turning it into something you want to go and pick up.”
The Winston-Salem, N.C., shop’s campaign shows Ralph and his owner Dave driving across country to the strains of Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again,” to emphasize free long-distance airtime.
In “Flexibility,” Dave, who did not have a great vacation, fails to get those days back from his boss. He contrasts that rigid refusal with BellSouth’s willingness to change service plans depending on a customer’s need.
WestWayne’s spots for the Atlanta-based client will appear throughout most of the Southeast, including West Florida for the first time. LHC’s work will be seen in the Carolinas, eastern Tennessee and coastal Georgia. Radio, print and outdoor support the TV. K