In a continuation of last year’s campaign for the Doubletake Documentary Film Festival, McKinney & Silver has found another supply of oddballs and eccentrics too real to dismiss and too provocative to mock.

Creatives at the Raleigh, N.C., agency wrote and shot three30-second television spots that pretend to be documentaries. The series of ads is airing in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, N.C., area, where the annual festival is held.

One commercial focuses on the Handlebar Moustache Club, a tangle of Brits who discuss qualifications for membership and demonstrate the dangers of foot-long facial hair. Not all are men.

Another ad follows the fortunes of two sons of the South who race lawn mowers for fun.

“We all used to run ‘shine, or our grandpas did, so we just like racing on the dirt,” says the most articulate of the pair. Adweek never did understand what the other boy was mumbling.

Each spot closes with the challenge, “How much reality can you handle?”

As much as you can dish up.