Being There

Considering the sinkhole into which the major accounting firms have fallen recently, one would think now is not the time to launch the first ad campaign for a temp agency that specializes in filling top financial positions.

Resources Connection and ad agency Ground Zero, however, beg to differ.

A four-ad print effort for the company, by the Marina del Rey, Calif.-based shop, is breaking this month in business publications such as CIO and CFO. It features the tagline, “Get there with people who have been there before.”

Visuals show various office items—a door, a pen, a chair. The chair ad, for example, bears the headline, “It’s a comfortable chair. Unless you have to sit in it.”

With the Enron and WorldCom scandals, among others, “now is the time” for Resources Connection’s first foray into paid advertising, said Kelly Douglas, director of marketing for the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based client and a former accountant.

She noted that because the company provides experienced, top-level, temporary employees to companies for special projects, “What we do is understand the person sitting in the chair, even if the president is a CPA.”

The campaign will run through 2003.