A Behind-the-Scenes Look at GoDaddy’s Desert Oasis

The most surprising takeaway from GoDaddy's Tempe, Ariz., outpost is that, unlike its famous ads, there is absolutely nothing controversial about it. In fact, GoDaddy's Tempe location is a brick-and-mortar example of what so many corporate offices strive for. Whether it's a giant slide that takes employees from the second-floor work area into the open kitchen and dining area, or the beach cruisers that employees are free to take for a spin on the nearby 320-acre Arizona State University Research Park, GoDaddy makes sure to mix business with pleasure. "We created the space to reflect our culture and values," said Auguste Goldman, chief people officer. "The balance of work and play is there. The flow from office space or meeting rooms into fun areas like the climbing wall or gym is deliberately connected in order to spur creativity and collaboration. We want to encourage accidental meetings with colleagues and have them work and innovate where they are comfortable."


Slide Around

The giant slide is a hit with both employees and their children.


Have a Seat

“We know that not everyone works the same way, so why should they sit the same way? For that reason, we have hand- selected more than three dozen different types of chairs and seats in our workspace,” said Goldman. 


Driving Force

And here’s a little-known fact: GoDaddy Nascar drivers Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart once raced the so-called ‘Tempe track’ in those pedal karts,” said Goldman. 


In Good Shape

In line with GoDaddy’s commitment to wellness, the fitness center is free to all employees and open 24 hours a day.