Behind The Scenes

Circus animals and handbags normally don’t mix, but for Lloyd & Co.’s latest print campaign for Cole Haan, the creative team decided to enlist a real elephant to mirror the bazaar theme of its client’s accessories. After searching through an animal-rental company for three weeks, they found Minnie, a 9,000 lb. elephant (that’s small for an elephant) who was well trained. During a one-day shoot in New York, Minnie, who was accompanied by two trainers and three handlers, sat, rolled over and clutched a handbag in her trunk. The secret was her treats, according to Jodi Sweetbaum, managing director of the New York shop. “Minnie loved raw onions, and her favorite treat is peanut butter and Ritz crackers,” says Sweetbaum. “She will do anything for them. … I’ve never worked with a better trained animal in my life.”