Behind The Scenes

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created an ad campaign and Web site to fight against “Mantropy,” an illness effecting men with too many metrosexual qualities, for Maxim magazine. To illustrate the dangers of Mantropy, the Miami shop enlisted JJ Sedelmaier, the illustrator for Robert Smigel’s Saturday Night Live cartoons, to create the adventures of a Maxim Ranger who corrects Mantropic behavior (getting a fancy haircut, using rollerblades and riding a scooter all qualify). The three Web-toons were drawn by hand. “We used computers for digital ink and paint, but my feeling about this particular project, is [hand drawing] gave it that naive, dumb, low-production touch,” he said. Hand drawing, he added, can be an “oasis of humanness in a Web-toon. It’s in contrast to a lot of the stuff that’s on the Web.” Go to to see the shorts.

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