Behind The Scenes

Yes, Snapple Lady Wendy returns as a voiceover in new Snapple ads, which break today, but the non-actors in the spots are the true stars. In the ads, real people ranging from a school principal to an auto mechanic say why they love Snapple (“very tingly,” relates one)—then their friends and co-workers say why they love the stars. Cliff Freeman and Partners created the campaign by searching for actual Snapple lovers—finding them from fan e-mails and letters as well as on the street. Starting with a base of thousands, the agency narrowed the pool to around 50. “From that group, we found several to use as stars, as well as some backups,” says Cliff Freeman president Arthur Bijur. Director Chris Smith then coaxed the characters into enthusiastic, unscripted monologues about Snapple. “We knew if it were people talking honestly about how they feel, the spots would be most effective,” Bijur says.