Behind The Scenes

We know CNN anchors and reporters can deliver news, but how are their comedic talents? Hungry Man director Brendan Gibbons found out while shooting a lighthearted CNN campaign that broke last week via the New York production company. The campaign stars Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Lou Dobbs, Paula Zahn and Christiane Amanpour during off hours at the CNN headquarters in New York. In one spot, Anderson answers a co-worker’s questions, such as what the weather is in Detroit (“64 degrees”) and how hurricanes get their names (“There’s a list”) with a rapid-fire, deadpan delivery reminiscent of Jon Stewart. “The most talented in terms of comedic timing were Anderson and Wolf,” Gibbons reveals. “Nobody was not good, but Anderson and Wolf stand out in their ability to be themselves and be funny.” Now you know.