Behind The Scenes

The transformation of put-upon officeworker Esther from overweight ugly duckling to glamorous swan in “Portrait”—’s latest branded-entertainment offering by Fallon in Minneapolis—was created with the help of a slip-on fat suit and prosthetic makeup, according to copywriter Greg Hahn. Effects were done in-camera, not in post. “It took, like, three hours to put on,” Hahn recalls. “A lot of times, she would just wear the face with her regular body, because it was so hot, like 105 degrees, when we shot it [at production company RSA’s offices in Los Angeles] in August.” Director Jordan Scott chose the actress, Amanda Detmer, for her comic sensibility and because she could “pull off both sides of the character,” notes Hahn. “Something about her makes you want to root for her the entire time—she’s really likable,” he says.