Behind The Scenes

In Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s new Levi’s spot, which broke last week, a dog chases down a woman, pulls off her jeans and returns them to her boyfriend. The simple plot was made more complicated by one diva on the three-day August shoot in Los Angeles: the dog. The canine—a mutt selected from hundreds for the Traktor-directed spot because of his temperament and look, says Thomas Hayo, group creative director of the New York shop—was standoffish on set. “You couldn’t play with the dog because it would break his concentration,” Hayo says. “You couldn’t have the usual snacks when the dog was on set because it was too irritating to him. He picks up every chip and every chocolate bar that gets unwrapped.” Despite his behavior, the dog acted well. “[He] left you with a scene, not just a little wet puddle,” says Hayo.