Behind The Scenes

“Two icons getting reacquainted with one another” is how Carl Warner, cd at J. Walter Thompson in Detroit, describes the Mustang ad that shows Steve McQueen as his Bullitt character emerging, Field of Dreams-style, from a cornfield and driving around a track. To create the effect, scenes from the movie were spliced together with footage from a razed cornfield in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a body double, on whom McQueen’s face was digitally inserted. Director Paul Street and his production team talked with the director of photography on 1968’s Bullitt to make sure they used the same film stock and lenses to splice old and new footage in a seamless manner. The process took about three months. The technical details, however, were nothing compared with another issue: rain, which stretched the five-day shoot into seven. “That was probably the biggest logistical challenge we had,” says Warner.