Behind the Scenes

To elicit heartfelt scowls, smiles and open-mouthed stares from a crowd gathered to hear the “Truth,” Arnold and Crispin Porter + Bogusky took the reality-TV route for their latest American Legacy Foundation campaign, “Crazyworld.” First the Boston and Miami shops—which share the $50-60 million account—conjured a carnival-like atmosphere at the pier in Santa Monica, Calif., and at a farmer’s market in Torrance, with a contortionist, street performers and stilt walkers doing their thing near a large sign with blinking lights. Then they waited for a crowd to appear before two actors spread the client’s word: that tobacco companies ignore the fact that cigarettes contain benzene and cyanide. “We judge shots on the fly,” says Tom Adams, CP+B co-creative director on the campaign. “We see people’s reactions. When you get surprise and shock, you know you’ve hit a good nerve.” The spots, “Grapes” and “Mineral Water,” broke earlier this month.