Behind the Scenes

There are 185 characters in Mother’s European-market TV spot for Siemen’s new Xelibri line of cell phones. They are male and female, young and old, black and white—but they all share the same face. Partizan directing collective Traktor and the London agency cast Los Angeles-based actor Joel Moore in the 90-second spot, which tracks the flight of a man caught dancing illegally. “[Moore’s] face fits in with both men and women, without looking like a transvestite,” says art director Cecilia Dufils. After a four-day shoot in Los Angeles, The Moving Picture Company in London layered Moore’s face onto all the other actors’. The result is so seamless, it takes a few moments to realize all the characters share the same features. The concept still mystifies some. “We have tried to explain it to our mum,” says Traktor, “but she’s having none of it.”