Behind the Scenes

Until the Matrix Reloaded opens on Thursday, fans can get their fix from Publicis in New York’s Heineken tie-in spot. Matrix directors Larry and Andy Wachowski wrote the ad, which broke last week; it was directed by Matrix assistant director James McTeigue. In the spot, a bartender (played by Danielle Burgio, Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss’ stunt double) takes down an annoying patron so she can deliver her Heinekens. In one shot, she hangs in the air, frozen, an effect achieved with a “bullet-time” camera, or 100 cameras firing around a person within fractions of a second. “It was wild to see,” says group cd John Liegey. “Everything had to be exactly right.” In another scene, the bartender runs up a wall with the help of harnesses that were erased in postproduction. “They were a bit painful,” Liegey notes. “She was a good sport though.”