Beemers Take a Back Seat

Publicis’ new campaign for BMW dealers features the usual boilerplate car ad devices–sexy shots of the car whizzing through the wilderness to exciting music–but two 15-second commercials don’t show the car at all.
Ads crafted by copywriter Laura Stamm and art director Hunt Clark rely instead on the famous blue-and-white circular logo.
“It’s using the greatest strength of what we could point to graphically –the BMW trademark,” said Tony DeGregorio, president and chief creative officer for the New York office.
One ad (shown here) shows a blue-and-white Chinese yin-and-yang symbol transforming into a BMW logo as a male voiceover says: “The perfect balance of luxury, performance and price.”
“Target” shows the logo swirling to become a blue-and-white bullseye. The narration: “Target. That which others aim for. See benchmark.”
Ads retain the tagline, “The ultimate driving machine.” Fallon McElligott is BMW’s lead creative shop. –Sloane Lucas