Beber Silverstein Wins Scents

Miamians Will Relaunch Brand Portfolio of New Dana Perfumes
ATLANTA–When the Beber Silverstein Group won the New Dana Perfumes relaunch, it became involved in the pop fragrance history of Canoe, Tabu, English Leather and Chantilly.
Each fragrance, in its own way, was the essence of memorable fantasies and innumerable encounters.
“These brands have so much equity, but they have been allowed to sit around,” said BSG president Jennifer Beber. “It’s going to be exciting to pump some life into them.”
The Miami agency won the $10 million account after a brief review that, sources said, included Harris Drury Cohen in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and at least one New York shop.
BSG will rebrand the scents in a series of print ads that will run in national women’s and fashion magazines. An outdoor and collateral campaign will blanket a number of major urban markets including New York and Los Angeles.
“It’s a funny thing to say, but these fragrances would not die,” said Beber. “Fragrances typically have a very short life. They’re faster than dot-coms practically.”
Beber suggested that staying power is the result of the brands reflecting “core sensibilities that still remain true.”
Chantilly, she said, is a personal, feminine kind of fragrance, “a return to romance instead of raw sex.” Canoe is “flirty, fresh, about relationships in a fun way, the opposite of rebellious, androgynous fragrances like Calvin Klein’s CK1.”
Dana Perfumes Corp., the parent company that originally formulated the perfumes and colognes, was sold to a investment group headed by Robert Bartlett in 1999.
Bartlett, now chief executive officer of New Dana Perfumes Corp., quickly began expanding and repackaging his portfolio, adding, among others, California and Navy colognes.
Bartlett’s stated strategy is to “provide retailers with broad distribution products that appeal to their customer with the look and quality of department store brands.”
The marketing challenge, said Beber, is to attract “totally new customers without alienating our traditional clients.”
BSG is a veteran of the perfume marketing wars, working with Coty in the past on its Wild Musk fragrance. It also was involved in the creation of TRibe, a teen perfume that won a Best Fragrance Introduction of the Year award from the National Fragrance Council. K