Beatles – Rock Band

This promo clip for the upcoming Beatles’ Rock Band videogame seems fitting for the four lads from Liverpool who enjoyed a global celebrity the intensity of which will probably never be duplicated. They were, quite literally, the most famous — and arguably most influential — human beings on the planet, reshaping virtually every aspect of mass-media culture from music and hairstyles to fashion, art, graphic design and pop literature.

The Beatles shook the world, and this video captures that spirit, from its expectant and serene early-morning intro to the bombastic psychedelic overkill of the finale, which features a fantasy parade that plays like a sequence from the Yellow Submarine cartoon film re-imagined through the mind-warping lens of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Writing on AdFreak, David Griner calls the clip: “Possibly the greatest opening cinematic of any game in history.”

Or, to sum up its overall impact concisely, and in the parlance of the group members themselves: Fab!
 –David Gianatasio