Beaning with pride

The agency may be gone, but what lingers is the resourcefulness, the creativity and, yes, the unmistakable smell of Elmer’s Glue.

The creative team from San Francisco’s Clear Ink, which recently closed, is pointing with pride to an outdoor campaign they pieced together for Jelly Belly.

Copywriter Geoff Skigen, art director David Swope and photographer Larry Kunkel teamed up to create a series of eye-catching billboards for the venerable jelly bean maker. Each has a catchy slogan like “Accepted by more kids than you are” and looks like it was created by methodically gluing thousands of jelly beans in place. The thought may be laughable given today’s digital-imaging tools, but it’s not quite so funny if your client is keen to keep costs down.

“They were on a tight budget, so David worked almost around the clock for three days putting those ads together,” said Skigen. In addition to lots of glue, Swope worked with 600 pounds of jelly beans and used a flatbed truck to haul his work to the photo shoot.

“We are very proud of this work, and we think people should know what went into it,” said Skigen.