As unwelcome as advertising in a movie theater can be, there’s one spot most cinemagoers will applaud. Created by BBDO and post-production house R!ot Atlanta, a commercial for Cingular Wireless serves as a reminder—and a warning—to film patrons who “forget” to turn off their cell phones.

The 30-second ad by art director Lee Dayvault and copywriter Matt LeDoux from the Atlanta Omnicom agency launched this month at Loew’s, Star Cinemas and Magic Johnson Theaters nationwide.

As part of the Atlanta-based client’s image campaign, the spot begins with a view of a theater. As the audience, seen from the rear, watches a French film, the ringing of a cell phone is followed by an inane, one-sided conversation that ruins the movie for everyone.

Within seconds, however, the offender is launched from his seat and slammed violently into the screen, falling to the floor in a heap. Silence is restored.

A movie title card, which promises “Cell phone ejector seats—coming soon to a theater near you,” is followed by the Cingular Wireless logo and tagline, “Silence your cell phones.”