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With the economy sluggish, the Kimpton Group’s upscale Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, was suffering a drought of guests. It needed something fast. So it turned to Ad-Lib Creative in San Francisco.

True to its name, the shop turned around a campaign that seems to have come directly off the top of someone’s head. For example, one ad simply states: “There are 18,000 hotel rooms in Vancouver. 17,767 suck.” Another takes a fig at travelers who opt for widely known chains: “Only sheep go where they’re supposed to.”

“We went for some thing a little racy and in-your-face,” explained Brooke Roner, account manager at Ad-Lib.

All told, the shop cranked out 14 print ads that ran through April, and Roner says occupancy is up a whopping 85 percent. Now the shop is using the hotel’s Web site ( to run a contest asking for more acerbic headlines.

“You should see some of the stuff people are submitting,” said Roner. “They make our headlines look tame.”