BC Dairy “Mousetrap”

Talk about building, if not a better mousetrap, than the scariest one ever created. As part of a series of Internet spots promoting the British Columbia Dairy Association, this little film is hilarious and creepy — and well written and well executed. Thanks to the wonders of puppetry and stop-motion animation by Bent Image Lab (Tribal DDB Vancouver is the agency), we see a mouse wandering out of his hole as we get a close-up of the world’s creepiest eyeball, gnarliest little pointy teeth and spongiest tongue. Turns out the facial features do not belong to the mouse but the trap, who opens his trap to speak and even makes a pun about it. “Gotcha, stupid!” he says to the little mouse, who goes after the cheese and gets caught. “Fell for my trap, get it?” He’s almost Silence of the Lambs-level cruel as he fixes on his prey and asks, “What’s Mother going to say when you don’t come home, huh, squeakums?” But it turns out that after eating the cheese, the mouse is strong enough to break out of the trap, which snaps back on the device, getting him right in his creepy eyeballs. The final title card is the name of the Web site: Mustdrinkmoremilk.com. The rest of the spots are equally inventive, and definitely worth a look. –Barbara Lippert