BBL Breaks PC Connection Work

BBL Advertising re-cently broke its first-ever television spot for PC Connection, a direct reseller of computer products.

“One of my goals for 2000 was to create, produce and air our first TV commercial,” said Barbara Sabran, president of the Acton, Mass., agency, which picked up the assignment a few weeks ago.

The special ef-fects-laden spot features a businessman being pelted by a deluge of CD-ROMs, lap-tops and computer mice. The voiceover touts PC Connection of Merrimack, N.H., as “the one company that can help your company find the right solution.”

In the spot, a PC Connection representative eventually comes to the rescue, armed with a basket of large yellow umbrellas and special offers.

With the 30-second spot, PC Connections aimed to differentiate itself from competitors by emphasizing its extremely personalized services, such as the ability to reach the same customer service representative again and again.

The TV spot, which is being supplemented by print ads, is being tested until Oct. 8 during prime time programs and some morning shows in Omaha, Neb.; Rochester, N.Y.; Springfield, Mo.; and Tucson, Ariz. If the test is successful, ads will go national. They target businesses and men aged 25-54.