BBDO’s Spud Solution

Positioning potatoes as a convenient way to alleviate dinnertime stress, BBDO here has launched its first work for the National Potato Promotion Board.
Using the new tagline, “Potatoes. We’re here to help,” the radio spots and supermarket cart ads target women 25 to 49. The $3.6 million campaign broke last week.
The radio spots combine humor and helpful hints. Each 60-second treatment points out parental pressures potatoes can’t assist with–such as prepubescent teenagers cutting their purple hair, getting kids to put their toys away, shuttling children to and from soccer games–but suggests that “When you need a simple plan, the potato gives you the simple answer.”
The ads also offer a recipe tip and direct listeners to the board’s new Web site (
“We’re there to remind but at the same time provide information,” said BBDO account supervisor Milena Pisano. “The message is, ‘Don’t forget [the potatoes] are there.'”
Grocery cart executions emphasize the convenience of potatoes. One shows a buttered baked potato with the text, “So easy a husband could do it.” Another offers red potatoes with the message, “Easy clean up. (You can even eat the wrapper.)”
“The link to what your life is like is stronger in this campaign,” said Linda McCashion, vice president of marketing for the Denver-based client. “What BBDO did that was unique for us was look at consumers and what their problems with potatoes were.”