LOS ANGELES–The arrival of David Lubars, former partner i" data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "yes" data-auth = "" >

BBDO’s got a new lineup with the arrival of Lubars — Shop Tables Plans to Hire GM for Now As It Sticks to What It Does Best By Kathy Tyrer and Judy Warne

LOS ANGELES–The arrival of David Lubars, former partner i

Lubars, who is joining BBDO as executive vp/executive cd, will fill the void left by the departure of creative director Robert Chandler, who joined Ogilvy & Mather/L.A. in July. Lubars, however, will be involved with BBDO’s Apple Computer account in addition to the agency’s other businesses. That will allow Chris Wall, Apple worldwide creative director for BBDO, to assume more responsibility in Europe. BBDO also plans to bring in an associate cd team to work on Apple in L.A.
Lubars, 34, worked at Chiat/Day from 1985-1988, starting as the agency’s youngest writer and finishing as one of four group heads. He worked on Apple there.
Meanwhile, Steve Hayden, BBDO/West chairman and chief creative officer, has tabled plans to hire a general manager, opting instead to focus the agency’s resources on its creative strengths. Financial constraints prohibited making two hires. The most urgent need was for a “great creative strength,” Hayden said.
He hopes that the shop’s ability to lure someone with the creative reputation of Lubars will be a building block on which BBDO can draw not only for creative strength, but as a new business resource as well. “We’ve had a pretty good year creatively, not only in terms of awards but new work just coming out,” Hayden said. “Our clients are here for the creative and we’re adding depth.”
Though new business development hasn’t been an agency focus for some time, it is now. BBDO, which bills an estimated $215 million, brought in the $50-million Twentieth Century Fox and $5 million Northrop Corp. accounts this year. And Apple, which reportedly spends $120 million internationally, has almost doubled its billings with the shop. Lubars helped to double LML&K’s billings while he was there. “We have a tremendous amount to sell in terms of what the agency has accomplished in L.A., yet we tend to hide the light under the basket,” Hayden said. “Having somebody with David’s spirit and outgoing nature will be good for us.”
Other clients at the agency include Blue Cross of California, Pioneer Electronics USA, Pizza Hut Western division, Glendale Federal Bank, Dodge Dealer Association, Southern California Cable Marketing Council and Presto Foods.
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