BBDO West Courts ‘headbangers’ In Print Ads For Pioneer Car Stereos

BBDO West is turning up the volume in a new, estimated $5-10 million print campaign for Pioneer Electronics’ car audio systems.
The Los Angeles agency, whose numerous creative awards for past Pioneer work include the Beldings sweepstakes two years ago, has developed a series of print ads to break in April issues of consumer and specialty publications. The work is aimed at young males who are more interested in the performance of their car stereo systems than in small talk.
The target buyers are “headbangers,” according to Dave Lubars, BBDO West’s chief executive officer and chief creative officer. “These are young guys who get bored easily, so the strategy to maintain their attention is to change the ads radically from year to year,” he said.
One ad for Pioneer’s new 51 CD server shows two young men motoring down a dusty highway, with a third passenger tied to the roof with their gear. The caption reads, “The agreement was no talking until after CD #51. 51. Not 50.”
An ad for Pioneer’s subwoofers shows a boulder landing on a car’s trunk as the vehicle rounds a curve on a mountain road. Copy reads: “For a moment they thought they heard something other than bass. The moment passed.”
Another ad, for Pioneer’s specially designed oversized headunits for GM and Chrysler dashboards, shows a hefty man standing at the edge of a motel swimming pool. He is facing away from the camera, wearing a bikini that’s too small. The headline reads, “Just ’cause it fits don’t mean it looks right.”
The work is running in consumer music publications including Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe and Ray Gun; automotive magazines including Car & Driver and Automobile; and audio specialty magazines including Audio Review and Car Stereo Review.
Lubars and Chris Robb served as executive creative directors. Xenia Rutherford was the copywriter. Barney Goldberg and Elke Ditschuneit were the art directors.