BBDO Supports Visa-Disney’s Kids Promo

NEW YORK Visa USA broke a spot Wednesday that is the second this year to highlight its alliance with the Walt Disney Company, the client said.

Produced by Visa’s lead creative agency, BBDO in New York, the 30-second commercial supports the “Kids Stay and Play Free” promotion in which children, ages 3-9, stay free on Disney-owned properties between Jan. 4 and June 12, 2004, and enter the Orlando, Fla., theme park for free if parents use their Visa cards for such a vacation.

The spot opens showing two brothers and their sister working intently at gardening chores. One lays seed, another digs a large hole and the third waters the grounds. Their neighbor peeks over the fence to comment on how hard they are working. The oldest boy responds by saying that their father promised them a trip to Disney World if they worked hard, to which the neighbor responds that with Visa, kids can get in free. “Really?” the boy replies suspiciously as the camera cuts to the dad snoozing on a lounge chair. As a few notes from a spaghetti western play in the background, the kids are shown advancing toward their sleeping dad armed with a water hose and a rake.

Introduced on NBC’s Ed, the spot continues the decades-old “It’s everywhere you want to be” campaign and will run for the next six weeks, said Liz Silver, Visa USA’s senior vice president of advertising and brand management. “This is a unique experience,” Silver said about the “Kids Stay and Play Free” offer. “You can only get this offer if you use your Visa card.” She added that the spot would air in heavy rotation on network TV this quarter because it is prime planning time for family vacations.

The offer is good when purchased between Oct. 8, 2003 and Jan. 2, 2004, as part of the Walt Disney World Dream Maker package and includes one child free per adult. No breakdown of savings was available, but Visa estimated that the average cost savings on the non-discounted package came out to about $440 per family of two adults and two children. According to, a single ticket for an adult at the Magic Kingdom gate is about $124 and $100 per child, ages 3-9.

Silver declined to comment on the media spend for this spot. Overall, however, Visa spent $85 million in U.S. media in the fourth quarter of 2002, per Nielsen-Monitor Plus. She said other non-Disney related spots in the ongoing campaign would break at the end of November.

In May, BBDO created the first Visa-Disney spot with an “Unlock the Magic” sweepstakes offer to win a Disney vacation.