BBDO Steers Pioneer to the ‘Promised Lane’

LOS ANGELES Omnicom Group’s BBDO West is launching an estimated $5 million print campaign for Pioneer Electronics that touts the client’s expansion from car audio gear into vehicular navigation systems, the agency said.

Themed “It knows,” one ad shows an urban landscape lifted entirely off the horizon, leaving only an empty road and a lighted building far ahead. Superimposed copy reads: “It knows … how to find ATMs and gas stations; how to find theaters and hotels; how to find a little diner in a big city.”

Another ad, “Red Sea,” depicts a highway with the cars and trucks of a traffic jam piled on both sides, clearing the way. Copy reads: “It knows … where the traffic jams are; alternate routes and short cuts; how to lead you to the promised lane.”

A third execution presents an overhead view of a suburban neighborhood, the road raised in a maze-like pattern to the destination. Copy reads: “It knows … how to find the address you’re looking for; the difference between Maple Drive and Maple Street; the path, road or boulevard of least resistance.”

“The product is so revolutionary, we wanted the campaign to look revolutionary,” said Jim Lesser, executive creative director at BBDO in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “The product is like driving with an omniscient being, thus ‘It knows.’ We brought that to life with visuals that suggest a force of nature that changes the dynamic of driving.”

Body copy in the full-page ads includes details of product features, such as the system’s ability to interpret live XM Satellite radio feeds into instant updates to avoid lane shutdowns and traffic snarls.