BBDO Pushes Holiday Spirits

BBDO Chicago continues its year-old “Bold spirit always stands out” effort for Beefeater gin with ads that will attempt to keep consumers buying during what is expected to be a slow holiday season.

Allied Domecq, Beefeater’s distributor, is also readying the first holiday effort behind Courvoisier Co gnac from dRush in New York.

Beefeater’s ads are aimed squarely at drinkers aged 21-35. Two new executions break in November and December issues of 30 magazines, including ESPN: The Magazine, GQ, InStyle and Rolling Stone.

One features a determined-looking female boxer with copy that reads, “Tenacious since 1820.” Another features a model with a lion and reads, “Untamed since 1820.” Two new executions are set for the spring.

The “Bold spirit” campaign has been credited with stabilizing the brand, which had been in decline since 1975. It bottomed out four years ago with sales at 620,000 cases, but held at 650,000 cases in 2000 and 1999, according to the New York-based Impact Annual Distilled Spirits Study 2001.

Beefeater will also be supported by holiday radio ads for only the second time in its 181-year history. The spots, which are unfinished, will likely run in the brand’s top 10 markets. Outdoor is also currently running.

“This campaign has been very successful for us,” said Phil West, senior brand manager for Beefeater, Westport, Conn. “We don’t want to mess with a good thing.”

Courvoisier will launch its first-ever holiday execution in 15 to 20 magazines including InStyle, Vibe and Vogue. The ad from dRush shows the iconic “CV” logo on a roll of wrapping paper.

The cognac started its “House of Cour voisier” print campaign targeted at ur ban drinkers last September. The brand is currently running four-page spreads, as well as other executions in a number of books.