BBDO, FedEx ‘Relax’

NEW YORK Fine-tuning its strategy to portray FedEx as a delivery service that offers peace of mind, Omnicom’s BBDO on Thursday launches a campaign introducing the tagline, “Relax, it’s FedEx.”

That line replaces “Don’t worry. There’s a FedEx for that,” and signals a shift away from a breezy two-year-old ad initiative that has featured two male executives whose discussions of FedEx veered into subjects such as bowling shirts and PDAs.

Two 30-second spots debut during tonight’s ABC telecast of the NFL season opener between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets. A commercial titled “MBA” breaks first, promoting It features a new employee who procliams, “I’m an MBA,” when asked to ship a package. A co-worker replies, “I better show you how to do it,” as the two log-on to A male voiceover concludes that the service is so easy to use, “even an MBA can do it.”

The second spot, “Freight,” touts the reliability of the company’s new ground-transportation freight shipping. In the spot, an employee struggling with a fax machine is told he has a FedEx delivery. Expecting a small envelope, he asks a co-worker to drop it on his desk. In the background, a forklift deposits a large crate on his desk, which collapses.

Gerry Graf, executive creative director at BBDO in New York, supervised the work, which includes a total of eight TV spots.

“This campaign represents a major step in telling the full FedEx story with broadcast spots that feature not only our FedEx Express and FedEx Ground units, but also the first spots for FedEx Freight and FedEx Home Delivery,” said Brian Philips, FedEx vice president of U.S. marketing, in a statement.

BBDO has handled the estimated $90 million domestic FedEx account for 14 years. Its sibling, OMD, handles media. FedEx is based in Memphis, Tenn.