BBDO, Dodge Play Mind Games

CHICAGO BBDO attempts to get into the minds of potential Dodge Charger buyers using fantasy sequences about the car in new advertising breaking this week.

The ads, from the Omnicom Group shop’s Detroit office, highlight different attributes of the cars, such as the Hemi engine and its styling. One television spot shows a dragster and a Charger on a racetrack. The cars stop short at a tollbooth. When the gate opens, it’s revealed the race is only in the mind of the Charger’s driver.

Another commercial shows a man bidding on the car at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. As the bidding gets more heated, it’s revealed the man is in the Dodge showroom viewing the sticker price. A third spot shows a group of motorcyclists (later revealed to be a kid on a bicycle) give their approval to the car.

A multicultural spot from GlobalHue in Southfield, Mich., shows a charge of electricity leaping from the car to a man’s heart and brain as he touches the vehicle. Print advertising, which will include three two-page spreads, will break in July magazines.

Spending was not disclosed. DaimlerChrysler had no recorded ad expenditures for the revitalized brand last year, but has spent more than $1 million in 2005, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.