BBDO Animates Wrigley Work

Having practically invented the “icy cool” category, the Wm. Wrigley Company looks to position its Winterfresh brand as the hip leader of the category in a new campaign from BBDO Chicago.

“A lot of the imagery in competitive advertising is stolen right out of Wrigley,” said Paul Chibe, senior marketing manager for Chicago-based Wrigley. “We want to be the trailblazer.”

Television spots in the campaign, which began airing last week, use quirky animation and an urban feel to appeal to teens, who are the primary buyers of gum, said Jim Hyman, senior vice president and group creative director at the agency.

“We had lost our distinctiveness,” Hyman said. “We wanted to give the campaign more edge than before.”

One spot features line drawings of faces describing their interactions with a girl. Another depicts piecemeal cutouts of a girl describing her crush on a waiter. In each spot, the characters are seen putting a piece of gum in their mouths before concluding their narration.

Wild Brain in San Francisco handled the animation.

The campaign introduces the tagline, “Whatever comes out … it’s cool.” The line replaces the “Icy cool flavor that lasts” theme of previous campaigns.

Wrigley spent nearly $30 million advertising its Winterfresh brand last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.