BBDO Ads Tackle Kahlœa’s Image

BBDO’s first work for Kahlœa repositions the brand as fun and youthful, rather than a drink for special occasions.
“This a huge opportunity because everyone knows us but nobody loves us. We have a total awareness but lack of relevance,” said client brand director Elizabeth Puleo.
The Chicago shop’s $15 million campaign hopes to lure more 21-29 year olds–Kahlœa’s consumer base is women 35 and up.
To that end, the media buy targets members of a demographic whom Puleo defined as the “vanguards of social drinking”–the kind of bright young things who helped revitalize the martini.
The strategy is to bring the Allied Domecq brand more in line with the “party-oriented image” drinks in which Kahlœa is a staple ingredient.
“People are drinking the Kahlœa brand but we are not getting credit for it,” she said. “We talked to consumers about cool, hip drinks and found through our research that people drink White Russian B52s and Mudslides but they don’t know that Kahlœa is in them.”
One of seven print ads, for instance, features a comely maiden who is pouring milk from a jug onto her leg. Each of the ads features a Kahlœa drink recipe. The tagline is, “Anything goes.”
The campaign, which is supported with radio spots, also touts drinks to go and frozen drink mixers.
Lois/EJL, Chicago, handled Kahlœa before the client held a review. It used the tagline, “Why do you taste so good?”

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