BaylessCronin Crafts Cerebral Amusements

ATLANTA The Discovery Channel will break its first advertising from an outside agency next week, the client confirmed.

Three television spots from Atlanta’s BaylessCronin, tagged “Entertain your brain,” support the Bethesda, Md., client’s array of cable programming.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The client spent $25 million in 2002, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

One spot, touting Shark Week, shows swimmers fearfully backing away from seemingly innocuous bodies of water, such as a kiddy pool.

Another ad stars singing scientists—astronomers, archeologists, biologists—crooning “Let Me Entertain You.” The 30-second spot promotes Quest, a series of specials that chronicle projects spearheaded by scientists and explorers.

A third spot is set in a hospital where a Nurse Ratchet type is on duty in a quiet ward. Suddenly all the patient monitors go off. When she enters their rooms, she discovers the source of their overexcitement: they are watching Discovery Channel. To calm one patient, she switches to a football game.

Sources said the campaign, created by former executive creative director Jerry Cronin, copywriter Devon Suter and art director Dotsy Evans, was originally pitched in October and secured the Omnicom shop the account.

Directed by Peter Miller of Radical Media in Los Angeles, the spots were shot in Australia.

BaylessCronin is a unit of Merkley Newman Harty & Partners in New York.