BAT, CBS Outdoor Ink Partnership

Marketers can now, more easily, bring the endorsements of hometown heroes to hometown billboards. CBS Outdoor has announced a partnership with endorsement marketing company Brand Affinity Technologies which has a network if more than 3,000 athletes and celebrities. The relationship will allow advertisers to incorporate the endorsements of athletes and celebrities from across the country into out-of-home campaigns.
BAT’s stable of endorsers includes the NFL’s Drew Brees, MLB’s Ian Kinsler, retired football star Emmitt Smith and boxer Lennox Lewis.
“With this relationship, CBS Outdoor can offer clients a simple, turnkey approach to launching geographically relevant ad campaigns featuring talent proven to resonate with audiences in target markets,” said Jodi Senese, vp of marketing for CBS Outdoor, in a statement. “Athlete and celebrity endorsements are a tried-and-true branding strategy that is just now becoming more accessible to advertisers targeting consumers on a local and regional basis.”
The two companies have already worked on campaigns together in the past. For example, they recently coordinated on a campaign for San Francisco­­-based auto dealership Royal Motor Sales, bringing San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain to outdoor and online advertisements. This campaign was recently extended due to the positive results.
According to Brand Affinity Technologies, this is just the beginning of this kind of localized advertising. “The efficiencies BAT creates can be applied to any medium,” said Ryan Steelberg, president and chief executive officer of Brand Affinity Technologies, in a statement. “Our relationship with CBS Outdoor gives advertisers the ability to combine the most locally relevant media with targeted endorsement marketing campaigns, with equal efficiency across media.”