Barnhart/CMI Repositioning Medical Center

Barnhart/CMI has developed a new ad campaign for the National Jewish Medical & Research Center that aims to position the Denver healthcare facility as a full-service medical hospital specializing in pulmonary care.
The Denver agency has created five print ads that show people in natural outdoor settings, which symbolize “wellness” to the target audience–people with asthma, allergies and immune disorders.
One ad shows a man walking with his son along a golf course. “We are the warm sun holding your hand,” reads the headline. The copy below notes, “The smells, the sounds, the spontaneity–it’s all part of what makes life so worthwhile.”
“We focused on the simple things that shape great moments,” said creative director David Whitman.
The ads, Barnhart’s first for National Jewish, aim to reposition its image from a research-driven facility to a medical hospital. The account was previously handled by EvansGroup’s Denver office, which was acquired by Barnhart/CMI last year.
The campaign, with a budget of less than $1 million, will run through the spring in the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, and in local editions of national news and consumer magazines.