Barkley: Evergreen No Longer

CHICAGO Barkley Evergreen & Partners is changing its name to Barkley, effective immediately, coinciding with the agency’s move to a new building, according to the shop.

The 42-year-old agency took its original name, Barkley & Evergreen, from the street names of its former Kansas City, Mo., and (long-shuttered) Detroit offices. The shop added the “& Partners” in 1997 when it became an entirely employee-owned agency.

“Clients don’t call us [Barkley Evergreen & Partners] anyway,” said agency CEO Brian Brooker. “Barkley is how they know us and this was a way to energize our company without walking away from the equity.”

On Oct. 31, the 320-person independent shop, which claims $460 million in billings, will relocate to the former headquarters of Trans World Airlines in Kansas City. As part of the move, Barkley has commissioned a replica of a TWA Moonliner rocket that originally stood on top of the building. The replica has been re-installed atop the structure and has been incorporated in the agency’s new logo.

“The thing I like about the rocket is it’s all about exploration,” Brooker said. “And that’s what we’re doing for our clients. I think the look is bold and dynamic. It reflects the culture of our world today.”

Barkley has offices in Kansas City and Atlanta, as well as field locations around the country. Its clients include Sonic Drive-Ins, Blue Bunny Ice Cream and Build-a-Bear Workshop.