How do you convince a baby boomer who’s still playing master of the universe that personal disaster may lurk just around the corner? That’s the problem Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein/S.F. faced as it created its first campaign for UNUM, a 145-year-old, Portland, Maine-based disability insurer poised for the coming ‘graying’ of America. For agency and client, the answer was a combination of humor and straight talk. ‘You probably feel like the bear,’ reads one headline accompanying a sweeping photo of a brown bear fishing a river for lunch. ‘We’d like to suggest you’re the salmon.’ Another headline, accompanying a gray-suited man knocking at the door of a typical home, reads, ‘1) Being torn apart by wild animals. 2) Being boiled alive in acid. 3) Talking about disability insurance. (Most people would choose the first two.)’
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)