Barbeques Galore “Angry Pig”

Showing me an angry pig in an ad for BBQ equipment won’t convince me to try the brand. In fact, the tactic is ultimately annoying, because it reminds me why the pig is angry in the first place. My thoughts turn to its impending slaughter to satiate my carnivorous desires — which, sadly, trump my love for our (edible) four-legged friends. This Barbeques Galore spot by Young & Rubicam opens with a guy in his kitchen who walks up to the refrigerator for some milk. When he shuts the door, we see a plump pig staring at him, but by the time he turns around, the porker’s gone and the chase begins. It’s a predictable homage to the horror genre, with the pig passing unnoticed through the guy’s living room (and eerily reflected in the bathroom mirror) before it finally confronts the dude while he’s brushing his teeth. The snorts melt into screams and we’re told: “Somebody thinks you’ve been grilling too much. Not us.” It could be an ad for any BBQ-related product. Nothing says otherwise. And as a city dweller who’d have to grill on a sliver of a balcony to get into the summer spirit, I’d be more inclined to think it was for a restaurant. Anyway, the pig’s angry. And, at least for the time being, I’ve lost my appetite for pulled pork.--Eleftheria Parpis