Bank Pro Brings Fidelity to T.G. Madison

ATLANTA T.G. Madison has added Fidelity Bank to its roster, the client confirmed.

The account comes to the Atlanta independent agency without a review. Shop president Virgil Shutze approached the Atlanta-based financial institution several months ago with a proposal to create a new brand personality.

“I’ve worked on banks all my life and I love them,” Shutze said. “Advertising is the last legal means for banks to gain unfair advantage over its competition.”

Shutze expects a print and radio campaign to break in early July. “It’s about position and reaching people,” he said.

The 30-year-old community institution has remained independent, said Shutze. “It offers the same products as the big guys, only when you walk in they know you and appear to like you,” he said. “That’s intriguing.”

According to Shutze, people do not go to banks so much as they leave them. “Customers either move [out of town] or something goes wrong with the relationship,” he said.

TGM will likely position the bank as a place where customers will feel good when they walk in the door. The 19 branches are distinguished by comfortable seating arrangements as opposed to teller lines. The primary demographic target is men and women 35 years and older with a higher than average income.

Jones Kelly Kilgore of Atlanta handled previous advertising in the early 1990s, followed by projects created by Carol White, also in Atlanta.

“We are focusing on our core community delivery in the Atlanta market,” said Tracy Grant, client marketing officer. “With all the larger mergers taking place, there’s an amazing niche among people fed up with bad service from larger banks.”

Annual billings are undisclosed.