Baltimore-N.Y. Media Alliance

Trahan, Burden & Charles has selected CIA USA as its media specialist.

Under the new consulting pact between CIA of New York and TB&C, the Baltimore shop will have access to CIA’s proprietary and subscription research and media buying resources.

“We have a strong media planning and buying department, but so many reviews are increasingly dependent on specific demographic details that only an expert resource can give,” said Michele Selby, TB&C’s vice president and director of media. “This alliance puts us on a level playing field with any other holding company or major media service.”

TB&C conducted informal interviews with several undisclosed media agencies.

“It was like a review in that it helped me understand how chemistry works with clients,” said Selby. “CIA listened and was responsive.”

Initially, CIA will act as a consultant in research and planning for clients Amerix, a debt consolidation service in Columbia, Md., and the Maryland tourism account.

“In the old days, creative came first,” said agency senior vice president Ed Rosenthal. “Now it’s, ‘How do we reach people?’ and then create the commercial. Media is no longer the stepchild of advertising.”