Bally Total Fitness Focuses on Individuals

CHICAGO As New Year’s resolutions for weight loss take shape, Bally Total Fitness has launched an advertising campaign, touting new individualized fitness and nutrition services for customers.

Created by the Chicago company’s in-house agency, RocketScience, the new campaign features three English-language television spots as well as one Spanish-language ad. One commercial positions the company as the place to help a frustrated woman maintain her desired dress size, while another shows a family shopping for unhealthy snacks. (Long Beach, Calif., agency Groupo Gallegos contributed on the Spanish-language spots.)

“We know that a commitment to total health and fitness is more than just a person’s workouts three to five times a week. It is about the nutrition and exercise choices they make every day,” said Bally CEO Paul Toback in a statement. “With this campaign, we’ve literally and figuratively stepped outside of our clubs, and into the minds, hearts and lives of our members to demonstrate and communicate our commitment to being their personal health and fitness solution.”

The new spots, which broke earlier this week, continue a theme started last year, which employed the slogan, “Every body needs something,” which looked to broaden the chain’s base of customers across all health and fitness levels.

Spending was not disclosed. Bally spent about $80 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.