The Ballpark Tries a New Sport

Assists Major League Soccer’s L.A. Galaxy
LOS ANGELES–Just as Detroit is the Motor City, Los Angeles could one day be known as the Soccer City, if executives at The Ballpark have their way.
The shop’s new campaign for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy breaks in February, and makes no small claims about the city’s footie faithful.
“For a whole host of reasons, Los Angeles is the soccer capital of the United States. … We’re calling L.A. ‘Soccer City’ and the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer City’s team,” said client marketing director Whit Haskel.
Print, outdoor, TV and radio ads will feature team stars such as Cobi Jones and Mauricio Cienfuegos. The campaign will include Spanish executions to capture the soccer-crazed Hispanic market.
Billings are estimated at $1 million.
The Pasadena, Calif.-based team chose The Ballpark, a recent creation of former Seiniger Advertising executives Ron Luscinski, Alan Berkes and Andrew Shevin, on the strength of its understanding of the sports market.
“These guys really had a grip on sports and soccer in Los Angeles,” Haskel said.
The Soccer Industry Council of America last year named California the most soccer-crazed state. K