Baldwin & Stone Delves Deep

“Perversion,” “gender & sexuality” and “gay studies,” areas routinely shunned by most mainstream advertisers, are central topics of Baldwin & Stone’s first work for, a retailer of psychology texts.

Print ads and direct mailers, tagged “Get to the heart of the mind,” are designed to drive traffic to the site, which the Cambridge, Mass., agency helped design. The client is the e-commerce arm of New York boutique Other Books, an affiliate of Other Press Publishing.

Each execution focuses on a different area of psychological inquiry. The ad dealing with “perversion” is headlined “Understand” and shows a pale, gaunt androgynous figure with facial bruises and a metallic collar. Covers of related titles available at Otherbooks are shown.

“The rest of the world may look at these [ads] as titillating, [but] our target audience deals with this stuff every day,” said agency president Jim Baldwin.

An out-of-shape man in a frilly, pink tutu, his bald pate crowned by a tiara, poses in the “gender & sexuality” effort headlined “Question.”

The “gay studies” ad shows a black man and a white man, cheek to cheek, with the headline “Discuss.”

Ads will run in trade journals through year’s end. A campaign for the Other Press imprint is planned.