Baldwin Breaks Benefits Ads

Managing pension plans with multiple vendors is like performing a balancing act in a circus. That’s the theme of Baldwin & Stone’s first campaign for New York Life Benefit Services to promote the company as a single-source provider of solutions.
Tagged “Your complete resource,” the effort includes illustrations of a man walking on a tight-rope while monkeys tug at his face and hair, and a woman balancing acrobats while twirling hoops and riding a unicycle.
The budget was not disclosed but is believed to be at least in the mid-seven-figure range [Adweek, April 24].
The company decided to go with a “fun” campaign to set itself apart from the “tried and true” campaigns from competitors such as American Express, Fidelity Investments and Merrill Lynch, said New York Life Benefit Services director of creative services Beth Fagan.
“We decided our name wasn’t necessarily a household name in the industry,” said Fagan, adding that the company wanted to get the word out about its bundled services.
The client in Norwood, Mass., had previously used the tagline, “You’ll like how we fit.”
Ads target CEOs and CFOs who have pension plans within their corporations, and are running through the end of the year mainly in vertical financial services publications. K